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Backup just got a whole lot easier!

Easy and Secure Way to Backup or Replicate Your Data

We like to keep things simple,  we like software that works and it’s what we use.  Protecting your data is what we believe is the most important thing your business can do.

You have a lot of important data on your computer that you can’t afford to lose but all it takes is one spill drop or hard drive failure and you lose everything. Windows backup tools are too slow, too complex or too expensive to even bother with. Don’t put yourself into that desperate situation.

Computer data can be very important to us, especially those of us who make a living on the computer. Over the last several years, the computer has grown on all of us, making our lives so much easier. For that very reason, it’s easy to tell that if we lost our computer data, it would completely destroy a majority of us.

We understand but we don’t want you leaving important data at risk so we came up with a better solution – one that could only come from Veeam Backup Solutions. It is a simple and effective solution for backing up your windows-based desktops and laptops and even some of those old physical servers and workstations that are still putting in an honest day’s work.

Forget about complicated setup, slow performance and even cost. Within minutes you’ll be on your way to creating fast, flexible block and/or file level backups ensuring that all your data is safe and ready to restore at a moment’s notice and should the moment arise you’ll have all sorts of intuitive system volume and file level restore options at your disposal. And, should ransomware encrypt your files, your system fails to boot, your hard drive crashes or an important file gets corrupted or accidentally deleted, you can recover what you need in minutes — like it never happened.

If your computer isn’t behaving the way it should you can use your bootable recovery media that’s packed full of Veeam developed admin tools. You’ll also be able to store guest files, applications using theme explorers for Microsoft Exchange Act directs sequel server and SharePoint and much much more. Stop paying for more and settling for less.

Give your data what it truly deserves. Contact us today, our team are ready to help you and your business. 0845 582 8080

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