Spam Email Filtering

Spam Email Filtering

Stop those frustrating spam emails

What are Spam Email?

Spam Emails are unsolicited bulk emails that are send indiscriminately to advertise something. These emails can also contain viruses and spyware.

Why do I need a Spam Email Filtering?

Spam is not only annoying, but loses you time and revenue because of lost time spent checking and deleting it. Spam emails are also a security risk to your company because they can contain viruses, phishing requests, and spyware.

Our Spam Email Filtering Service

We provide a Filtering service that reduces Spam by up to 98%. We search for and filter out:

  • Spam Email Filtering: Stop Unwanted Spam Emails
  • Spam Emails,
  • Phishing Requests
  • Email Viruses,
  • Email Spyware,
  • Invalid Users,
  • Invalid Senders

Each user also has their own Quarantine area which allows them to manage questionable emails for later review. An email reminder is sent daily to each user summarizing their quarantined emails. Each user has their own personal Allow and Block lists.

What Does it Cost?

Our Spam Email Filtering service is paid for via a monthly subscription based on the number of mailboxes and domains you require protecting. Please contact us for pricing.

What Next?

If your company is receiving large amounts of Spam Emails, then contact us today to arrange for a free trial. Our solution is easy to set up, affordable, and will provide immediate results. 

Fill in the contact form or call us 0845 582 8080  

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