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Are IT issues stealing your staff's time and productivity?

Learn how the most common IT issues can be prevented.

Our unlimited IT support packages make it easy for you to run your business.

Why do you need IT support? Sometimes when things go wrong with your IT, it can be an excuse for your staff to do…nothing. Even the most committed member of staff can use the opportunity for a little rest.

Downtime can affect the productivity and the morale of your employees. In turn this can effect company profits. Trying to fix IT support issues yourself or hoping a staff member can turn to Google and provide a fix can be a painstaking way of getting people back to work. It’s not only time consuming but risky too. Are your staff trained and qualified to maintain and protect the information technology in your office?

Outsourcing to a trusted Managed Services and IT support provider can help you minimise dramas and keep your organisation running like a well-oiled machine. Choose the right provider and you’ll not only save money but you’ll see a measurable increase in profits too.

We’ve invested in and built a state of the art Network Operations Center enabling us to provide 24/7 proactive monitoring of your network 365 days a year.  Prestige Logic’s service desk follows a strong ITIL methodology and we are constantly striving to improve our processes.

You probably don’t care about ITIL or NOCs or 24/7 and we get that.  What it does show is that we are serious about providing an IT Support service that we are proud of and we think you will be too.

Like you, we hate being passed from pillar to post when looking for help.  Our service desk reduces the stress and complexity of all of this.  Simple centralised management for user support, infrastructure management and third party engagement.

Microsoft Certified IT Support Professionals

IT Support provided by professionals


All of our engineers are fully qualified to look after your systems.  We invest in a program of continuous training so you can be assured your systems and data are in safe hands.   When working with third party applications, if we don’t already know how to fix an issue, we’ll contact your supplier on your behalf.
It costs nothing to talk and we would be delighted to learn how your business operates and to see if we could make it even more efficient!  If you are having any issues or are not sure what to do or who to use, we might just be able to help.  Call us on 0845 582 8080 or email [email protected].
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