Hosted Desktops and Apps

Hosted Desktops and Apps

So you’re a small business owner. One of your responsibilities is IT but you’re no technician. As a result, managing your company’s IT needs is a big headache.

Your real work is interrupted by mind-numbing IT distractions things like adding new employees, getting their machines and applications up and running, updating software and support.

Many times you find yourself thinking there has to be a better way. There is, it’s called Hosted Apps and Desktops.
All of your company applications data even desktops can be maintained, updated and hosted by us in the cloud all through a predictable pay-as-you-go model. It means everything would be accessible to employees at all times and safe and secure from disruptions, theft and disaster. Scaling up or down is easy, for example if you have to get a bunch of new employees set up it would be simple.

All an office administrator would have to do is login and with just a few clicks the new employees would be up and running. What’s more, you would never have to worry about security issues due to a lost or stolen device because the data and applications aren’t stored on the
device instead just pick up a new one log in once and you’re back in business!

Simplifying IT management isn’t the only benefit. Your employees would also have secure access to all your business applications, data and documents from any devices they prefer keeping them productive from anywhere. As far as user experience employees will never feel like they left their desktop regardless of whether their device is Windows iOS or Android with hosted apps and desktops.

You can eliminate the headaches and hassles of managing IT and most importantly focus on growing your business ready to get started.

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