Wireless leased Lines

Wireless leased Lines

We, as an IT services & support company in Manchester, are a re-seller of ‘wireless leased line’ services from innovative Manchester-based Internet Service Provider, Metronet UK.

What’s so special about this technology? Well, it uses radio waves and line-of-sight capability to deliver secure, high speed access to the internet – delivering both ‘dedicated’ (no sharing with other subscribers) and ‘symmetrical’ (same speed for upload and download) bandwidth. Wonderful! A small radio antenna is fitted to your premises and connects to Metronet’s powerful network via Points of Presence (POPs) located on various high-rise buildings in the general vicinity.

The beauty of this technology is that it is 100% independent of 3rd party fibre exchanges (i.e. BT) and can deliver speeds from 1MBps up to a massive 2GBps. Service levels of 99.95% uptime and a 4-hour fix time are guaranteed, and it only takes 5-10 days to implement from date of order. It can even be easily moved if you relocate to new premises! Metronet-UK-Wireless-Leased-Line

Coverage is currently limited to extended parts of Greater Manchester, Stockport, Leeds, Liverpool, Warrington, Chester, Birmingham and Crewe, but there are plans in place to expand the network further following a recent, substantial injection of equity finance. There is even a government grant available (up to £3,000) to SME’s in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham (being ‘Superconnected Cities’) to help with the costs of installation!

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