Cloud Computing Adoption Trends

We’ve been wondering lately what the actual trend is for the take-up of Cloud computing services. We’ve certainly noticed a marked increase in customer interest, with several clients taking a first step and moving at least one application (typically email) to the Cloud. But is this just the local picture or is there a general […]

High Speed Internet

We recently became a re-seller of ‘wireless leased line’ services from innovative Manchester-based Internet Service Provider, Metronet UK.  What’s so special about this technology? Well, it uses radio waves and line-of-sight capability to deliver secure, high speed access to the internet – delivering both ‘dedicated’ (no sharing with other subscribers) and ‘symmetrical’ (same speed for upload and download) bandwidth. Wonderful! A […]

Prestige Logic achieve VMware Certified Associate (VCA) accreditation

  Prestige Logic is very proud to announce that we have achieved Accreditation from VMware for Data Center Virtualisation.

Why Your Company Needs an Email Policy

Email is an important and necessary part of your business. It provides an economical and instant means of communicating with staff, customers, and vendors – that’s both simple to use and enables increased efficiency. An email policy is required to protect this necessary business tool.

Why Your Company Needs An Internet Use Policy

With computers and Internet access such an integral part of every business, and the Internet filled with everything from gambling to x-rated websites, it is critical that every business has an Internet Use Policy in place. This policy can help prevent your employees from accidentally or intentionally causing harm to your company or your company’s […]

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