Cyber Crime – How to stay safe.

7/10 businesses were hit by a cyber crime in the last year according to a April 2017 press release. During 2016 alone cyber crime was responsible for £29 billion in losses!  Yes, £29 billion!! Act fast! Stay safe! Our guide shows you how –  The Wannacry attack on the NHS was a wakeup call […]

Cyber Security, Cyber Crime – Is it real?

We are often asked about cyber crime.  It’s hot in the press and everyone is worried about it.  That said, there are those that are not really bothered or even believe that it exists! We are of the opinion that it’s all too true and very real.  But then we would say that as we […]

What is BIG DATA and how can it help your business to grow?

Big data is all around us. Everyone using it. Some say big data is only for big business but we want to show you how big data can be used by small businesses too. Our video helps to explain what it is and how you can use it to drive growth and increase profits.

Rising Cyber-Security Threats

In the recent days before writing this, Gmail users were being targeted by a widespread phishing attack. The attack is very clever. According to our information, it’s an email that looks like it has come from a friend or colleague, and contains a Google Docs link. When you click on the link it gives control […]

How to Create a Basic Businesses Disaster Recovery Plan in 4 Steps

Loss of data is a common problem for businesses. Fortunately, it’s a problem that can easily be avoided with the correct preparation. While devastating amounts of data can be lost during catastrophes like hurricanes, terrorist attacks, fires and floods – it doesn’t take such large events to cause a business to lose important data. It […]

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